Important information

There's currently a delay in sending some Prezzy card orders, we're working to fix this as soon as we can. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Buy a Prezzy® card

Prezzy card example

You can buy a Prezzy® card online, at a participating PostShop or any one of our other selected retail partners. Then make someone’s day by giving it away!

You can use cash, Eftpos or credit card* to buy a Prezzy® card in store. For online purchases you must pay with a credit card*. 

Prezzy® card costs $5.95 per card in-store or $5.50 online (plus the amount you load onto it) . You can buy up to 30 cards online (a postage and handling fee of $6.50 will apply).

Online Prezzy® card orders can be couriered to any New Zealand postal address. Prezzy cards are issued with a minimum use of two years. Your card can’t be used after the expiry date printed on the front of the card. Unused value remaining on expiry will automatically be forfeited. Other important terms & conditions apply.

Posting a Prezzy® card

Because an unlocked Prezzy® card is like cash, you shouldn’t post it in the mail unless it’s locked. A locked card is more secure and no one can use it except the person you’re giving the Prezzy® card to.

If you buy a Prezzy® card at a PostShop and want to post it, you will need to ask for it to be locked when you buy it. You’ll be asked to select a four digit code. The person you’re giving the Prezzy® card to will need the four digit code to unlock the card. You can text or email the code to them or give them a call to let them know what it is. Please don’t include the four digit code in the envelope with the Prezzy® card (please note that all Prezzy® cards purchased online are already locked).

Prezzy® card for business - corporate gifts

Prezzy® cards are the perfect gift, reward, prize or incentive for staff and customers. Click here for more information about using Prezzy® card in your business. 

You can use purchase Prezzy® cards either by invoice or by credit card*.

*A credit card convenience fee applies.