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Personalised Prezzy card

Prezzy® card is the perfect reward or incentive for staff and the perfect prize or promotion for customers.

Let your clients, staff or customers know how thankful you are by sending them a Prezzy® card. Our cards can even be customised with your logo and a short message making it the perfect gift, prize, incentive or promotion from you to the lucky recipient.

They're convenient, flexible and easy, making them fantastic for:

  • corporate gifts
  • customer incentives and giveaways
  • staff rewards
  • client thank you's

Prezzy® card is a prepaid Visa card that your staff and customers can choose to use at tens of millions of Visa retailers worldwide (including most online stores).

Branding & Personalisation

We've made it easier for you to customise your Prezzy® cards with your company's logo. You can even add a personal message too (up to 24 characters long, including spaces). So whether you want to say “thanks” or “congratulations” whilst also promoting your brand - a branded Prezzy® card is the ideal choice.

How to place an order

Ordering Prezzy® cards is now done through our online service. Find out more about branding, personalised messages, pricing, delivery and payment options by clicking here.

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