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Getting a card

How do I get a Prezzy card?
You can purchase a card online or from one of our many retail partners.

How can I order a Prezzy card online?
Each card can be loaded with any amount between $25 and $1,000. Your order can’t exceed more than $5,000, this excludes the value loaded on the card(s), the card fee, GST and postage and handling.

Will I need to unlock my card?
If you received your Prezzy card in the mail, it probably hasn’t been unlocked. You must unlock your card before you can use it. To do this, you will need the four digit number selected when the card was purchased by the person who gave it to you.

Why should I register my card?
By registering your card we'll have a record of you and your card details. This will also give you access to two key benefits: you will be able to lock the card and apply for a replacement if it is lost and you will be able to see a full transaction history.

Does fringe benefit tax apply to Prezzy cards?
We cannot provide tax advice. We encourage you to discuss any tax implications of using/gifting Prezzy cards with your tax adviser.

Why have I received a different card design from what I selected?
If the card design you’ve selected isn’t available, we will send you an alternative card design.

What is the difference between a Mastercard and a Visa Prezzy card?
There is very little difference between these two cards, they can both be used at tens of millions of outlets worldwide! One gives you the option to redeem anywhere Mastercard is accepted and the other anywhere Visa is accepted. Epay is giving consumers the choice.

Using my card

Does my Prezzy card expire?
Prezzy cards are issued with a minimum use of two years. Your card can’t be used after the expiry date printed on the front of the card. Unused value remaining on expiry will automatically be forfeited.

How do I check the unused value on my Prezzy card?
There are two ways you can check your balance, either online at prezzycard.co.nz or by calling +64 9 888 6792. Please note, each call to the automated phone service costs 50c plus $1.50 if you choose to talk to a Customer Service Representative.

What if the value on my Prezzy card is less than the cost of my purchase?
If your purchase ends up costing more than the value loaded on your Prezzy card, you can do a split payment using your Prezzy card first, then your normal payment method to pay the remaining balance.

Where can I use my Prezzy card?
You can use your card at selected merchants for in-store purchases, online, over the phone and via mail order, at nearly anywhere that accepts Visa electronically. Your card works overseas as well as all around New Zealand.

Where can't I use my Prezzy card?
The card doesn’t work in manual card imprinters or ATMs, and can’t be used for taxis, automated fuel dispensers or gambling, or where a merchant requires identity verification against the card details. The card also can’t be used at any merchant who requires you to set up direct debits, recurring payments or payment instalments on the card.

What buttons do I use in-store?
When you are present and pay for a purchase, swipe your card through the payment terminal and press ‘credit’. There’s no PIN so you need to sign the receipt.

Can I withdraw cash from my Prezzy card?
You cannot withdraw cash from a Prezzy card or redeem the card for cash.

How do I use my card to pay for things online?
You’ll need to enter your card number, expiry date and CVV2 number (the three-digit number on the back of your Prezzy card) if required.

Can I use Prezzy card on PayPal, iTunes and Trade Me?
Prezzy card can be used on Paypal and iTunes.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?
You should let us know immediately so we can stop the card and arrange a replacement. Call us on +64 9 888 6792 or +64 9 888 6792 when overseas. You must register your card when you first receive it to ensure we can replace it if it is lost or stolen.

What are card authorisations?
The way that certain merchants charge or process payments can sometimes result in a charge on the card which exceeds the unused value, without the card declining. Common examples are hotels, motels and car rental agencies. You can guard against this by checking your available value regularly, and confirming with merchants (before you authorise a transaction) what they can charge on the card. You must not authorise or allow any transaction on the card where you know, or have reasonable grounds to expect, that it will exceed the unused value on the card.

Are there any transactions I can't use my Prezzy card for?
Your Prezzy card doesn't work in "zip-zap" machines (manual imprinters) or ATMs.

Who are we?
Epay New Zealand are the Prezzy card product owners, distributors, issuers and will be your point of contact for anything Prezzy related including account management, invoicing and fulfilment.

Why is there a $5.95 load fee per card?
This is a necessary charge that allows us to facilitate Prezzy card transactions through millions of retail outlets, worldwide.

Can I use my card overseas?
In most cases, yes, as you can use the card anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard. However in some markets cards may be unable to be used online due to recent changes in payment acceptance frameworks that vary from country to country.