DISCLAIMER: Due to a technical issue, Prezzy cards cannot currently be redeemed on the Woolworths NZ website. We are working with Woolworths to resolve this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, should you find your Prezzy card blocked as a result of being used on the Woolworths website, please contact our customer service team on 09 888 6792 for assistance. Prezzy cards can still be used in-store at any Woolworths NZ store. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Terms & Conditions

Terms posted online and effective on 4 August 2023.

Prezzy Card is issued by Epay New Zealand Limited (“epay”, “we”, “our” or “us”). By purchasing or using the Prezzy Card, you agree to these terms and conditions (“Terms”), and the Prezzy Card fees (“Fees”) set out at www.prezzycard.co.nz (“Website”). Our customer services numbers are: 0800 450 509 (NZ) or if you are overseas, you can reach us at +64 4 803 1640.

Prezzy Digital Wallet Terms & Conditions: 

These epay New Zealand Limited (“epay”, “we”, “our” or “us”) Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions (“Digital Wallet Terms”), together with the Prezzy Card Terms and Conditions, which can be found at www.prezzycard.co.nz/terms-and-conditions, govern the use of your eligible digital Prezzy Card on participating Digital Wallets.

1. Using and managing your Digital Wallet

a) You can add an eligible Prezzy Card to eligible digital wallet applications on Android & Apple devices.

b) You will be verified by the digital wallet provider when adding a digital Prezzy Card to a digital wallet (e.g., Apple Pay or Google Pay.

c) Once you have added your Prezzy Card to a participating digital wallet and you have been verified by the digital wallet provider, you may make transactions at participating locations.

d) You must nominate a card in your digital wallet to make transactions. The nominated card will be your default card. Transactions will be debited from the card account for your default card unless you select a different card for the transaction.

2. Apple Pay and Google Pay Service

a) Apple Pay and Google Pay are services provided by Apple or Google, respectively, not by epay. We provide your information to Apple or Google to allow the use of a Prezzy Card. We are not responsible or liable for any loss you suffer in relation to:

i) any error, defect or unavailability of Apple Pay or Google Pay or any Apple or Android device; or

ii) any failure or refusal of merchants to process transactions using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

3. Sharing and using information

a) We may collect and exchange information with the digital wallet provider (e.g., Apple or Google) and other third-party service providers, including Visa Worldwide Pte Limited, when you set up and use a digital wallet.

b) The digital wallet provider may provide us with information, such as your Android or Apple device details (e.g. phone number, device type) and information about your location (if you have location services enabled).

By using a digital wallet you agree that:

(i) We may use the information about you that the digital wallet provider provides us:
(1) to enable your Prezzy Card to be used;
(2) to provide you customer support;
(3) to resolve any disputes;
(4) to facilitate accounting, auditing, billing, reconciliation and collection activities
(5) to improve and promote the user experience;
(6) for security purposes, including to detect and manage fraud, and
(7) to comply with applicable law and regulations and to respond to regulatory requests.

(ii) We may provide the digital wallet provider and its service providers with information about you and your use of the digital wallets. This includes providing:

(1) transactional data from your use of the digital wallets; and

(2) information used to identify you and arrange for your Prezzy Card to be set up with the digital wallets (such as your name, address, and phone number).

(iii) The information that we provide about you may be used by the digital wallet providers (e.g., Apple or Google) for the purposes of:

(1) enabling you to set up and use Digital Wallets ;
(2) providing you with visibility and information about your transactions;
(3) security , including detecting and addressing fraud;
(4) complying with applicable laws and regulations;
(5) responding to regulatory and government inquiries, and complying with applicable law;
(6) operating, managing and generally improving the service;
(7) creating business performance reporting and analytics;
(8) performing ad attribution analysis at an aggregate level;
(9) mapping where you have used the service, and using this data to improve the service;
(10) deriving information for the purposes of reporting on the acquisition of users to the service (including reporting to third parties);

c) We may also collect, hold, use, disclose and manage your information in accordance with other epay New Zealand terms and conditions that apply to your use of Prezzy Card products and services.

d) Your information that we collect will be held by us at the following address: 5a Pacific Rise, Mt.Wellington, Auckland 1060, or by our third party service providers. You have rights of access to, and correction of, personal information (as defined by the Privacy Act 2020) held by us or our third party service providers.

4. Security Requirements

a) Any person who has access to your device may be able to make transactions. You must take reasonable steps to ensure sure that no one else knows how to unlock or access your device by keeping your device pattern, passcode, or biometric identification details secure and confidential.

b) You are responsible for ensuring that:

(i) any password of your supported device is kept secret and secure, not easily guessed or deciphered (e.g. your date of birth), and not shared with another person;
(ii) no one else’s biometric identifier (e.g. fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) is registered on your device;
(iii) your device is not left unattended, is locked when not in use, and up-to-date antivirus software is installed on it;
(iv) you only use your device or a device you are authorised to use and not on a shared device; and
(v) any Prezzy Cards are removed from your Device before disposing of it.

c) If you fail to comply with the requirements in this paragraph 4, you will be treated as having caused or contributed to loss arising from the unauthorised use of your Prezzy Card.

5. What to do if there is a Problem

a) You should check your transaction history regularly to make sure there are no errors or unauthorised transactions.

b) You must notify us immediately by phoning (+64) 09 888 6792 or 0800 450 509.

6. Rights we have

a) We may suspend or terminate use of your eligible card with a digital wallet with or without notice at any time, including if:

(i) you breach these terms and conditions;
(ii) we suspect unauthorised transactions have occurred; or
(iii) we are required by a regulatory or government body.

7. Trademarks

Apple, Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. Google is a trademark of Google Inc., registered in the US and other countries and regions.

8. Change to terms

We can make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. If so, we will give you notice and communicate these changes, either by direct communication, by notice in the media (including public notices), by notice on epay’s website or by any other method of electronic communication. We may require you to confirm your acceptance of changes to continue using your Prezzy Card on a digital wallet.


Key Terms:

1. Prezzy Card: Prezzy Card is a physical or digital gift card, code or other physical, digital or virtual device that is (i) issued on a prepaid basis primarily for personal, family, or household purposes to customers in a specified amount, which cannot be reloaded, in exchange for payment, and (ii) redeemable upon presentation at select physical or virtual merchant locations, website or mobile application for goods or services.

2. Expiry: All Prezzy Cards are issued with at least twenty-four months remaining before they expire. The expiry month and year is printed or displayed on the front of your physical Prezzy Card or provided to you via email for digital Prezzy Cards, and specifies the last month that your Prezzy Card may be used before the Prezzy Card expires. Any remaining value on the Prezzy Card is forfeited when the Prezzy Card expires.

3. Registration: There are 2 primary reasons to register your Prezzy Card:

(i) If your Prezzy Card is lost or stolen, you can be issued with a new replacement Prezzy Card, with the remaining value less replacement fees. If you have not registered your Prezzy Card, you will not be able to receive a replacement Prezzy Card; and
(ii) Unauthorized transactions can be disputed.

You can register your Prezzy Card at http://www.prezzycard.co.nz

4.Fees: Fees are deducted from the unused value of the Prezzy Card and will apply for using the customer service line, currency conversion, unsuccessful transaction disputes and/or re-delivery attempts if Prezzy Cards cannot be delivered to the designated address and Prezzy Card replacement. In addition, certain Fees will be charged for purchasing a Prezzy Card. See more details on fees at www.prezzycard.co.nz/fees.

5. Stored value: The Prezzy Card is prepaid and cannot be reloaded. You are pre-paying for the right to purchase goods and services, from selected merchants who accept scheme card transactions electronically.

6. Updates to Terms or Fees: Any changes to these Terms or the Fees may be made entirely at epay’s discretion. Any registered Prezzy Card cardholder will be notified of changes on the Website. Changes will be effective following a minimum period of fourteen days after our posting of the changes on the Website, and changes will never be made retrospectively.

7. Limits on Prezzy Card use: The Prezzy Card cannot be used in manual card imprinters or ATMs, or for taxis, automated fuel dispensers, gambling activities, or in any situation where a merchant requires identity verification against the Prezzy Card details. The Prezzy Card is also not able to be used in any situation.

Other Terms:

8. No interest: There is no interest payable on the Prezzy Card load value.

9. Non-Delivery: If we are unable to deliver the Prezzy Card to your designated address due to no fault of ours, we will attempt re-delivery a maximum of three times. We may request you provide proof of purchase and identity in order to attempt a re-delivery of a Prezzy Card at our discretion. If after the third attempt the delivery is unsuccessful, you will forfeit the unused value of the Prezzy Card.

10. How the Prezzy Card can be used: The Prezzy Card may be used by the purchaser, or anyone they gift the Prezzy Card to, in accordance with these Terms.

11. Exceeding the value on the Prezzy Card: You must not authorize transactions on your Prezzy Card that would result in more being spent on the Prezzy Card than the balance that is currently available. This includes any situation where you could reasonably expect that charges could exceed the available balance, including common examples such as hotels, motels and car rental agencies, where the Prezzy Card details are held for any potential additional expenses that would be later charged to the Prezzy Card where applicable. To assist you with this, you should check the available value on the Prezzy Card regularly and check with the merchant what they can charge on the Prezzy Card, prior to authorizing the transaction.

12. Foreign currency transactions: Any transactions that are charged in foreign currency will be converted into New Zealand dollars at a rate determined by the Prezzy Card scheme on the date that the Prezzy Card scheme sends the purchase details to us, and deducted from the Prezzy Card value. In addition, currency conversion Fees will apply.

13. Your responsibility for transactions on your Prezzy Card: You are responsible for the use security of the Prezzy Card. It should only be given to an intended recipient for use. You should not give the Prezzy Card or Prezzy Card details to anyone other than the intended user. You must keep the Prezzy Card safe and not leave it anywhere unattended where it could be removed without being noticed.

14. Lost or stolen Prezzy Card: If you discover that your Prezzy Card has been lost or stolen, you must notify us immediately using the customer service number. This includes situations where your Prezzy Card details may have been disclosed to an unauthorized party. Note that if you have not registered your Prezzy Card, we will not be able to stop, cancel, or replace the stolen Prezzy Card, as there is no way to identify you as the owner. If your stolen or lost Prezzy Card was already registered, once you notify us, it will be stopped as soon as possible and a replacement Prezzy Card can be issued, retaining any unused value, minus Prezzy Card replacement fees. If you have followed these Terms, you will not be charged for unauthorized transactions that occurred after your Prezzy Card was lost/stolen.

15. Incorrect email address/phone number: If you purchased a digital or virtual Prezzy Card and provided an incorrect email address or phone number, we are not liable to the fullest extent permitted pursuant to applicable law for the delivery of the Prezzy Card to an incorrect email address or phone number and any use of the load value.

16. Disputing transactions on your Prezzy Card: To dispute a transaction, you must notify us within sixty days of the date that the disputed transaction occurred. If you do not advise us within that timeframe, we are unable to have the transaction reversed, even if unauthorized. You cannot dispute a transaction where you have changed your mind on a product purchase, or made a mistake when purchasing a product or service that you have authorized. Instructions for disputing a transaction are available at https://www.prezzycard.co.nz/disputing-transaction/. If you feel that your dispute has not been addressed to your satisfaction we support external dispute management. Please contact [email protected] outlining your dispute.

17. Suspension: Your Prezzy Card can be suspended without notice, if in our standard monitoring of transactions, we have reason to suspect that the Prezzy Card has been stolen or compromised, or being used fraudulently or for other criminal activity, or that you are not the rightful holder of the Prezzy Card, are in breach of the Terms, or there is a competing claim on the Prezzy Card. Any suspension can be lifted quickly, once the issue concerned has been resolved to our satisfaction.

18. Cancellation for fraud, criminal activity, etc.: Your Prezzy Card can be cancelled without notice, if required to comply with a court order, or if in our standard monitoring of transactions, we have reason to suspect that the Prezzy Card has been stolen or compromised, or being used fraudulently or for other criminal activity, or that you are not the rightful holder of the Prezzy Card, are in breach of the Terms, or there is a competing claim on the Prezzy Card. If the Prezzy Card has been registered and you are able to demonstrate that the Prezzy Card is rightfully yours and being used appropriately in line with our Terms, a replacement Prezzy Card can be sent, carrying over any unused value, without charging any Prezzy Card replacement fees.

19. Mass cancellation: In addition, your Prezzy Card can be cancelled as part of a general withdrawal from the market, or a general upgrade of our technology platform. In the rare event that this were to happen, a notice would be placed on the prezzycard.co.nz website, and a notice will be posted in a national newspaper at least one hundred eighty days in advance of any mass cancellation event. In the event that it is due to a technology upgrade, and your Prezzy Card is registered with us prior to cancellation, we will provide you a replacement Prezzy Card at no cost.

20. Recording phone conversations and use of the Website: For training, security and legal reasons, we may record phone conversations, or correspondence you may have with us on any matter, including calls through the customer service line, or any direct correspondence, as well as any contact that occurs through the Website.

21. Your rights as a consumer: You have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act and the Privacy Act. You can find out more about your rights at: https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/consumer-guarantees-
act, https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/fair-trading-act, and https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/privacy-law.

These rights are not impacted by paragraph 22 below. Further, your privacy is important to us. Our privacy policy that dictates our collection and use of your personal and non-personal information can be found here:

22. Limits on our liability to you: Except for your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act and the Privacy Law, our liability to you in connection with your Prezzy Card will be limited to the unused balance that remains on your Prezzy Card. We will not be liable to you in connection with your Prezzy Card for any consequential loss, or any loss of profits, loss of opportunity, or loss of reputation. For this purpose, loss is “consequential” if it relates to the particular purposes for which you are relying on the Prezzy Card, i.e. if other customers using or relying on the Prezzy Card for a different purpose would not necessarily suffer the same type of loss.

23. Restrictions on dealings with the Prezzy Card: You cannot on-sell your Prezzy Card. If you have received your Prezzy Card as a gift, you are bound by these Terms and your use of the Prezzy Card indicates your acceptance of these Terms. As the user of the Prezzy Card you cannot assign any of your rights or obligations under these Terms. If you have stolen the Prezzy Card, or purchased it from unauthorized distributors, you are not entitled to the benefits of the Prezzy Card or these Terms and we have no responsibility to you.

24. Prezzy Card App: By downloading and using the Prezzy Card App, you hereby acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand and accept the Prezzy Card App terms and conditions, which can be found at www.prezzycard.co.nz, which govern your usage and our provision of the Prezzy Card App.

25. Intellectual property: the patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, registered and unregistered designs, trade or business names, copyrights (including rights in software), database rights, mobile application design and functionality, design rights, rights in confidential information and any other intellectual property rights whatsoever, irrespective of whether such intellectual property rights have been registered or not in and to the Prezzy Card, the Prezzy Card Website and the Prezzy Card App shall at all times remain the sole property of epay. Nothing herein shall be construed to grant to you any rights and/or interest in and to the intellectual property rights of epay.

26. Our right to assign: We can assign any of our rights or obligations under these Terms, to any other party, subject to that other party assuming our obligations under these Terms. Any change of assignment to another party will be notified on the Website.

27. Invalidity: If any of these Terms are found to be unenforceable, this does not affect the validity of the rest of these Terms. If there are found to be any issues with any of the Terms, we can make changes to them on the Website. Any changes would take place fourteen days after posting to the Website.

28. Conflict with laws: These Terms will affect your legal rights only to the extent permitted by law. Where the law says you have legal rights that cannot be modified or overridden by the terms of a contract, these Terms will be read subject to those legal rights.


Promotional Terms:

29. The "Be in to Win a Luxurious Prezzy Hamper" promotion is valid from Monday 8th July - Friday 12th July, 2024. The four winners will be contacted in the week following this promotional period. 

30. Prize includes a luxurious hamper from a third-party supplier with items valuing a total of approximately $400, with an additional $100 Prezzy card included. We are giving away four of these during the promotion to eligible customers. 

31. Participants will be eligible ONLY if they spend a minimum of $5,000 NZD (excluding fees) on Prezzy Card(s) in one single transaction. If purchasing on our corporate portal, the offer only applies to Prezzy cards available for purchase on the corporate portal. Alternatively, if purchasing through our Prezzy website, the offer applies to any Prezzy card available for purchase on prezzycard.co.nz. This must be purchased during the promotional period in order to be eligible. 

32. Orders must be placed either through our Prezzy website, or through our corporate portal (for our corporate customers). Only NZ residents are eligible for this promotion. 

33. The winner will be chosen through a random generator from a list of eligible participants. 

34. Any losses or damages to the prize is not the responsibility of Prezzy card. 

35. This specific promotion is not running in relation to or in conjunction with any other Prezzy card promotion running in July. 


Prezzy $3 off Dragon Load Fee Promotion:

36. The "$3 off Dragon Prezzy Card" promotion is valid from Monday 15th July - Wednesday 31st July, 2024. This means that a $3 discount will be applied to the load fee of each Prezzy Dragon card purchased during this promotional period on prezzycard.co.nz or giftstation.co.nz. 

37. This offer only applies to Prezzy Dragon card's purchased on prezzycard.co.nz or giftstation.co.nz during this period (excludes purchases of the Dragon card in any physical retail stores). 

38. This specific promotion is not running in relation to or in conjunction with any other Prezzy card promotion running in July. 


$3 off Prezzy Promotion:

39. The "$3 off All Prezzy Cards" promotion is valid from Monday 15th July - Saturday 27th July, 2024. This means that a $3 discount will be applied to the load fee of each Prezzy card purchased on eligible platforms. Please note that for corporate customers, this offer does NOT automatically apply to personalized cards. Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like assistance with this.

40. This offer only applies to Prezzy card's purchased through our corporate portal, or through emailing [email protected]

41. This specific promotion is not running in relation to or in conjunction with any other Prezzy card promotion running in July.